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Residential Solar Panels

We take pride in our ability to offer the worlds leading solar products at extremely competitive pricing. If you are looking to use solar to produce your own energy and reduce your hydro bill we have you covered every step of the way.

We are experts in the Ontario Hydro File, PV Engineering & Design including Class Leading Battery Solutions, Procurement, Installation and Finance. 

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  • Solar net metering is a billing arrangement that allows homeowners with solar panels to “sell” excess electricity back to the grid. It is a way for solar panel owners to earn credits on their electric bills by generating more energy than they consume.
  • The process works like this: when the solar panels generate more electricity than the homeowner needs, the excess power is sent back to the utility grid. This excess electricity is credited to the homeowner’s account, which is then used to offset the cost of future electricity bills. This credit is typically given at the retail rate, meaning the homeowner is credited for the same amount they would pay for electricity from the grid.
  • Ontario has one of the best net metering programs in the world, we not only generate credits on excess energy, we also get credits for anything on the bill that is charged by the kWh. For every kWh of electricity you use, you are charged between 1.5¢ and 2¢ for the transmission portion of the delivery charge and 0.39¢ for regulatory fees. Both of those charges can be offset with solar panels in Ontario.
Solar panel installation

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