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Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial projects begin with a design target to achieve the largest offset of a clients current hydro spend, while providing the shortest payback period available in the market. 

We leverage our extensive OEM relationships to ensure our clients receive a top performing system at a superb price. Imagine a predictable hydro spend, year over year, for the next thirty years. 

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It all starts with a simple conversation, solar isn’t right for every business’s hydro classification. A quick conversation will let us know if your business is solar positive. 

Demand Renewables

The Right System For Your Business

  • As the world becomes more conscious of its impact on the environment, businesses have a unique opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future by adopting renewable energy solutions such as solar power.
  • By installing solar panels, businesses can reduce their energy costs and save money. Solar power is a renewable energy source, meaning that the cost of producing it remains constant over time, unlike the cost of traditional fossil fuels that can fluctuate wildly. This stability in cost makes it easier for businesses to plan for their energy needs and reduce operating expenses in the long run.
  • In addition to cost savings, businesses can take advantage of various tax incentives for adopting renewable energy. The federal government offers both non-refundable and refundable tax credits that can cover up to 30% of the cost of installation. These tax credits can help businesses offset the cost of installation and make it more affordable to switch to solar power.
  • By installing solar panels, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Consumers are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of the products and services they use, and are more likely to support businesses that prioritize sustainability. By adopting solar power, businesses can improve their brand image and attract environmentally conscious customers and employees.
Solar panel installation

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